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Lutronic Corporation marches forward into a creative future.

  • 2021

    • DermaV approved for MFDS in Korea
    • GENIUS approved in Canada
    • HOLLYWOOD SPECTRA receives European CE approval
    • CoreLevee receives European CE approval
    • US FDA 510(k) Clearance Approval for DermaV
    • CLARITY II Approved in Canada
  • 2020

    • Genius 2020 New Beauty Awards Winner
    • ULTRA European CE approval
    • Received Clarity 2 Technology Innovation Award (Korean Medical Laser Society)
    • Designated as an innovation-leading medical device company (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
    • R:GEN U.S. patent registration
  • 2019

    • GENIUS FDA, CE approved
    • Drusen treatment method US patent registration approval
    • Seoul National University Lutronic R: GEN limited medical treatment for the first time
    • GENIUS US patent registration
    • CLARITY II released
    • SkinQRI incorporated LLC affiliates (sub-subsidiary)
    • Launched ULTRA
  • 2018

    • PICOPLUS FDA Approved
    • R: GEN Limited Medical Technology Enforcement Agency Health and Welfare Department Notification
    • Accucurv approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    • R: GEN source technology US patent registration
    • Received 8 awards in the 2018 AESTHETIC AND COSMETIC MEDICINE AWARD in the United States
  • 2017

    • LASEMD PRO FDA Approved
    • Added PICOPLUS blemish improvement indication
    • HEALITE II Health Insurance Salary Applied
    • ACCUPLASTI CE approval
    • LASEMD PRO Selected as Excellent Design in 2017 GOOD DESIGN
      (Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    • Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Food and Drug Safety Evaluation Board Awarded Auditor
  • 2016

    • "Prost & Sullivan" 2016 Award Winner
      Youth-friendly Small Enterprise Certification (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
      Received the Chief Auditor Award from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    • Asian Council for Harmonization of Medical Device Regulations (AHWP) Chief Auditor Award
    • Macular smart therapy in the field of ophthalmology
    • Macular Treatment Smart Laser "R:GEN" CSME FDA Approved
    • PICO PLUS True pico K mark certification
  • 2015

    • "Prost & Sullivan" 2015 Award Winner
    • Received the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy's
      commendation in the category of World Class 300
      Meritorious Technology Securement Group
    • LASEMD Station KFDA Approved
    • enCurve KFDA Approved
    • Pico Laser +4 KFDA Approved
    • Macular treatment smart laser AM10 'CSC' CE approval for ophthalmic area
  • 2014

    • Received the 30 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on Trade Day
    • "Prost & Sullivan" 2014 Award Winner
      Received the Grand Prize in Technology Innovation Management
      at the 2014 Korea Management Awards from the Korean Consumer Association
    • Received the Excellence Award for “Korea IR Target” by the Korea IR Association
    • Received an award from Minister of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade
    • Spectra XT MFDS approval
    • Ophthalmic area macular treatment smart laser AM10 MFDS 'CSC' approved
    • Spectra XT, Action II CE Approved
  • 2012

    • Selected as a World Class 300 company (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    • 20 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
    • Received the Korea Health Industry Award from the Minister of Health and Welfare
    • Selected as a company with excellent quality competitiveness (Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea Standards Association)
    • Acquired Korea Service Quality Excellence Company Certification (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    • Eco-Two (eCO2, eCO2 Plus) CFDA approved
    • HEALITE II FDA Approved
    • ADVANTAGE KFDA, FDA, CE approved
  • 2011

    • Received the Korea Health Industry Award from the Minister of Health and Welfare
    • Selected as AT&D Korea brand (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    • Received the National Productivity Award from the Minister of Knowledge Economy
    • Next Generation Cataract Surgery Technology Project Selected as a subject by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    • Awarded "KIBO Successful Company Award" by Technology Guarantee Fund
    • Spectra selected as AT&D Korea brand (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    • Designated as a company with excellent productivity improvement (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    • Selected as a faithful taxpayer (Gyeonggi-do)
    • Selected as a management innovation small business (MAIN-BIZ) (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    • Selected as one of the “Job World Best 600 Companies” for a comfortable workplace (Chosun Ilbo, IBK)
    • Eco2 (eCO2 Limited) PMDA approval
    • INFINI KFDA, CE approved
    • HEALITE II Approved in Canada
  • 2010

    • Selection of issues for macular degeneration treatment laser in ophthalmology
    • Designated as an excellent manufacturing technology research center (ATC)
      (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    • Selected as a target company for fostering global
      small and medium enterprises (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    • Selected as a small export company (Corporate Bank)
    • Received Global IT-CEO Award (Minister of Knowledge Economy Award)
    • HEALITE CE approval
  • 2009

    • Selected as a target company for
      "Korea Hidden Champion Development Project''
      (EXIM Bank)
    • Awarded by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs
    • Selected as one of the 2009 Deloitte Technology Fast 500
      Asia Pacific 500 companies
    • Venture company socially responsible management certification
    • AccuSculpt CE Approved
    • Eco-Two (eCO2), FDA approved
  • 2008

    • Awarded the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower
    • Japanese corporation established
    • Received the Best Next Generation Company Award
      at the 3rd Korea Kosdaq Awards
    • Received the Presidential Commendation
      (Contribution to Venture Industry Promotion)
    • AccuSculpt FDA certification
    • Eco-Two (eCO2), CE approval
    • Spectra VRM III CE, FDA approved
  • 2007

    • Awarded the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower
    • US corporation established
    • Received the 100 Excellent Patented Product Grand Prize "Excellence Award"
    • Received the Chayama Grand Prize (Practical Science Category)
    • Mosaic (MOSAIC) FDA, CE approved
  • 2006

    • Listed on KOSDAQ
    • Company name changed:
      Max Engineering Co., Ltd. → Lutronic Co., Ltd.
    • Selected as an Export SME
      Global Brand Support Company
  • 2005

    • Awarded the 3 Million Dollar Export Tower
    • Spectra-SP, FDA, CE approved
    • Spectra-VRM II, Spectra-ACTION, CE approved
    • Spectra-QT, CE certified
  • 2002

    • Selection of world-class products (Ministry of Commerce,
      Industry and Energy)
  • 2001

    • Selected as a technologically innovative SME (INNO-BIZ)
      (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    • ISO9001/ISO13485 certification
    • KGMP certification
  • 2000

    • Spectra-VRM, FDA approved
    • Venture company designation
  • 1999

    • Establishment of company affiliated research institute
  • 1997

    • Max Engineering

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