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830 nm with 590 nm
HEALITE II utilizes Low Level Light Therapy, where light energy promotes metabolic activity in cells in cellular tissue.It promotes relaxation of skin spasms, inflammatory sites, muscle pain, and wound healing.

HEALITE II™ Strength

PHOTO SEQUENCING TECHNOLOGY(PST) IllustrationPhoto Sequencing Technology(PST)

After pre-irradiation of low output 590 nm wavelength, the infrared wavelength of 830 nm is transmitted deep into the skin.

Optic Lens Array Technology(OLAT)

OPTIC LENS ARRAY TECHNOLOGY(OLAT) Illustration It overlaps the light emitted by precisely arranged LEDs to form areas with high photon intensity and transmit light energy to the deep skin.

ハンズフリー ワンタッチ Illustrationhands-free one-touch

A simple way to operate

Healite II used on face, chest, back, and feetNo restrictions on treatment site

Any area you want to be treated is possible.

Healite II used on a woman's neck and back

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